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  • Caledonian Collectors Box Gold Panning
    Caledonian Collectors Box Gold Mining
  • Caledonian Prospector Drysuit
    Caledonian Prospector
  • Caledonian Dry Top (2)
    Caledonian Dry Top1
  • _DSC0543-v29
    Gold Panning Supplies-079 (2)
  • Super Pump mini Gold Panning
    Caledonian Mini Pump
  • Gold Panning Deal
    Caledonian Super Sluice Gold Mining6
  • Gold panning course
  • Scottish  Deluxe Paydirt
    Scottish  Deluxe Paydirt
  • Caledonian Speed Pan
    Caledonian Competetion Gold Pan
  • Caledonian Gold Panning Tweezers
    Caledonian Gold Panning Tweezers
    Extra long stainless steel tweezers for reaching deep into those crevices making it easy to persuade those awkward pieces of gold to join your collection. Comes with a custom made neoprene pouch.
  • Caledonian Gold Panning Nugget Viewer
    Caledonian Gold Spy
  • Snuffer Bottles Gold Panning
    Snuffer Bottle
    This is a set of two snuffer bottles small and large, a must have for any gold panner.
Results 1 - 12 of 18Show:     Items Per Page