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  • Caledonian Gold Panning Nugget Viewer
    Caledonian Gold Spy
  • Caledonian Extreme Gold Snuffer
    Caledonian Gold Snuffer Sluicing
    This easy to use gold bulb snifter is an invaluable tool for extracting small gold specimens underwat
  • Scottish  Deluxe Paydirt
    Scottish  Deluxe Paydirt
  • Caledonian Collectors Box Gold Panning
    Caledonian Collectors Box Gold Mining
  • _DSC0543-v29
    Gold Panning Supplies-079 (2)
  • Caledonian Speed Pan
    Caledonian Competetion Gold Pan
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    Caledonian Mini Gold Mining Sluice
  • 6
    Caledonian Classic Gold Panning Sluice
    The Hungry Haggis a lightweight portable sluice. A ‘pinch’ has been added to our well proven riffle design resulting in an area of flow deceleration. This traps even the finest gold. There is also a recess to take a classification mesh.
  • Caledonian Dry Top (2)
    Caledonian Dry Top1
  • Caledonian Super Sluice Gold Mining
    Caledonian Sluice Leon Kirk Gold
  • Gold panning course
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