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  • DSC05621
    5x lead shot, coated with metalic gold paint. They weigh approximatly 0.2 Grams to 2 Grams.
  • Graduated_Pipette
    3ml(standard) graduated pipettes. Pipettes are handy tools for lifting fine gold from a water filled pan or container prior to depositing in a vial. Each polythene pipette is 160mm long. In its original form it can lift the finest of pieces, but...
  • 7ml Plastic Gold Panning Vial9
    7ml Plastic Gold Panning Vial1
  • 10ml Plastic Gold Panning Vial
    10ml Plastic vial
  • 1.75ml Glass Gold Panning Vial
    1.75ml Gold Panning Vial2
  • 3.5ml Glass Gold Panning Vial
    3.5ml Glass Gold Mining Vial
  • 7ml Glass Gold Panning Vial
    7ml Glass Gold Panning Vial (2)
  • Gold Panning Trowel
    Gold Panning Trowel
    The perfect little trowel for feeding your sluice or filling you pan with material in awkward places. It has a high visibility handle that can easily be seen if accidently dropped in the river.
  • 30ml Glass Gold Panning Vial
    30ml Gold Panning Display Vial
  • Caledonian Gold Mining Crevise Scraper
    Caledonian Crevice Scraper
    A great tool for scraping crevices clean. A must for gold prospector either in wet or dry materials.
  • Caledonian Snuffer Bottle Gold Mining
    Snuffer Bottle
    Snuffer bottles are used to speed up the removal of fine concentrates or gold from your pan, giving you more time to find more GOLD!
  • Gold dredging microscope
    Gold mining microscope
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